Stupid people

July 24, 2008

History repeated its self atleast 20 times and people still need it repeated agean. For example out presedent rite now is evil and stupid and people are not only stupid enoght to support him the are stupid enought to support him at all cost even thrugh every thing he has done and when ever he gets called out on what he has done and all of his lies they freak out because they see the war that they like in jeporty and they love murder so much that they will get personal about defendin that coward that wants every one to die for him only and they also love murder and bigatry so much that they qwould comit murder and terrorism to keep it going at all cost that they call every one out on crimes that they know that they are the one whom comitted. they lie to cover up all of ther other lies and they lie to their lies. they are even so stupid that they would be more afraid of caching samonala than thing that can’t be cured like mad cow desease. people are so stupid that they shood just jump off a bridge and save me and others who should not have to put up with their stupidity.¬†If you are so bored that you woul rob a bank heres a better idea than both robing a bank or dirive by shootings: Go around and jump other stupid people¬† or shal i sat animals like you.


Pre evolution disorder

December 2, 2007

Pre Evolution disorder otherwise known as stupidity is caused when the primate brain does not evove with the rest of the body. Many people suffer pre evolution disiorder. There is no known cure it effects us all. Many of our nations leaders suffer from pre evolution disorder. Ost the people we see have pre evolution disorder. Now you kow what pre evolution disorder is do you still think most people are normal?

Japaneze fishermen are evil

December 2, 2007

japaneze fishermen Kill dolphens for the fun of it and they do not deserve to make a living for what they do. they are curupt and they have no respect for the earth. What can we do to stop them?

1. Stop buying sea food and sea products from japan.

2. Don’t buy anything made in japan and simpaly tell your local retalers to stop selling thing from japan untell they stop allawing their fisherman to kill dolphans and mess up our world.

let every one know that what they are doing is ageansed god and is not ok. if we can unite and use consumer power they will no longer be killing dolphans. I stongly beleave it is our responsibillity as speacies of this planet to put a stop to those who destroy our home. If this govenment whants to keep us safe they could start by protecting the only home we live in by stoping the greedy from destroying the only planet we live on even if it’s another government that has no respect for our home. The same goes with all other civilasations thay live on this planet.

Going crazzy

December 1, 2007

combining work with school is making me go crazzy. Rite now im a full time collage student with a part time job. Every day i am really buissy. It gets really crazzy i am surounded by people getting to relax wile my daily schegual is full. some times i feel like runing down the street and screem.